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New zoom lens

Testing a new lens on Brownsea Island...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

From B3ta.com

Found these images I made for B3ta, all silly.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Very quick (about an hour) picture I did from Goodfellas - I won't call it a digital painting because it isn't that good, but I'm learning all sorts of new techniques doing these.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Logo design competition

Here are my entries to a online design competition for a new logo to represent geo thermal energy (which involves pumping cold water deep down into the ground and recovering the hot water/steam generated in the process to make electricity and provide heating).

Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring Day Out

Has been great weather recently so took the chance to test a new camera lens at Kingston Lacy

Friday, 18 February 2011

More making of pics

If you would like to vote for my film at the Empire webby page click here! (voting ends Feb25th)

Fantastic! Made the final 20 of Done in 60 Seconds!

Very happy to say my papercraft Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan animation has made the final 20 of Empire Magazine's Done in 60 Seconds competition!!

It all goes to a public vote now, so if you would like to vote here's the link (my film is number 4!)

Click here to vote! (voting ends Feb25th)

Monday, 31 January 2011

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Done in 60 Seconds

This vid has been resized smaller to fit in the window, open in Youtube for the larger, better quality version!

Wrath of Khan Templates

I've uploaded most of the templates I designed below, I'd recommend using photo paper to print on as the thickness of the paper was just about right. Be careful when you are cutting the shapes out though!

Wrath of Khan character templates 1!

Here are some templates I designed and coloured for the animation :

Wrath of Khan character templates 2!

Wrath of Khan Done in 60 Seconds

I've been working away over the last few weeks trying to get my animation for Empire Magazine's Done in 60 Seconds competition. My entry last year was Tron, which got to the final 20 which was great. This year I've tried to do a proper 60 second film, and its been tough work - so many things to draw, create, cut out, film, and edit!

I thought I would try puppets as my characters, as I assumed they would be easier. Oh no. So I had to design 10 or so characters in paper craft (cut out paper or card that you fold and cut to form a 3d physical model). So many pieces of paper cut up and glued together, but no cuts to me, which based on my track record is a surprise, so thats good news.

Once the characters were ready I filmed them on a green screen, then design and create all the backdrops, objects and ships that were needed in each shot. I ended up with about 50 shots, which I had to cut back to get the whole thing under 60 seconds.

I hope to upload a link to the video itself soon, plus templates of all the characters if anyone would like to make their own!

Wrath of Khan Done in 60 Seconds (Making Of) Images

Wrath of Khan Done in 60 Seconds Stills